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FIAC Certificate Deadlines

In preparation for the upcoming Federal Information Assurance Conference (FIAC) in College Park, MD 29-31 October 2002, the following timeline will be used for determining whether a product/PP will be awarded a certificate at the award ceremony during the conference.

  • CCTL must prepare and deliver ETR to validator on/before 9 Sep 02.
  • Validator must prepare and deliver Validation Report, VPL entry, and validator recommendation to CCEVS on/before 30 Sep 02, and
  • Vendor and CCTL must complete, sign, and deliver "vendor/CCTL release" form to CCEVS on/before 14 Oct 02.

In addition, if the vendor plans to issue a product announcement/press release of their validated product at the FIAC that needs CCEVS review, then the vendor must deliver the draft announcement to the CCEVS on/before 14 Oct 02.

Please share this information with the vendors and plan accordingly. Labs- please send a consolidated list of the projects you think will meet the schedule. For recordkeeping purposes this notice will be sent to both the labs and validators under separate numbers. The point of contact for this message is Becky Galanakis.

Posted on 2002-08-20 by Rebecca Galanakis

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