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Labgram #103/Valgram #123 - MDF-VPN Client Guidance

Validators and CCTLs,

Because certain VPN Client evaluations and Mobile Device evaluations are interdependent, the timing and sequencing of the two evaluations may be complex.  This Lab/Valgram provides guidance on the check-in and check-out process for interdependent VPN Client and MDF evaluations to ensure they are completed in a technically sound and timely manner. 

The MDF evaluation can kick-off simultaneously with or before the VPN Client evaluation. Checking in the VPN Client evaluation prior to the MDF evaluation is not advised, per evaluation time limits defined in NIAP Policy #18.

A VPN Client that is dependent upon an evaluated Mobile Device will not be posted to the NIAP PCL prior to posting the associated MDF. Likewise, the MDF product will be not posted to the NIAP PCL until NIAP receives a final package for the VPN Client evaluation.  

If the VPN Client is from a 3rd party vendor or the MDF evaluation does not select VPN Client, then this guidance does not apply.

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Thank you,

NIAP Staff

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Posted on 2017-03-29 by NIAP Staff

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