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Labgram #105/Valgram #125 - Complying with NIAP Technical Decisions

Validators and CCTLs,

Technical Decisions (TDs) are issued to correct errors or clarify Security Functional Requirements (SFRs) and Assurance Activities within NIAP-approved Protection Profiles (PPs).  Technical Decisions are effective upon publication and must be incorporated into all current and future evaluations. Current evaluations include all evaluations except those for which a complete Check-Out package has been submitted to NIAP for final validation team review.

All applicable TDs that are complied with by the Target of Evaluation (TOE) must be clearly listed in the Conformance Claim Section of the Security Target (ST) and in the Evaluation Technical Report (ETR). For TDs issued which do not affect the TOE, they must also be listed in the ETR with a description of why they are not applicable to the TOE.

In the rare case that a TD is issued which includes new SFRs or AAs, NIAP will make the determination for when products in evaluation must comply and include an effective date in the TD. If a CCTL believes there is sufficient justification for why a specific TD should not apply to a current evaluation, they must notify NIAP within 15 business days of the TD publication date.
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Posted on 2017-07-21 by NIAP Staff

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