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Labgram #108/Valgram #128 - Revised Scheme Policy 5, FAQ, and CAVP Mapping Document and a new Certificate Reporting Template

Validators and CCTLs,


As discussed during the workshop, NIAP has revised Scheme Policy #5, its associated Frequently Asked Questions document, and the CAVP Mapping Document. In addition, a new template has been added, the Certificate Reporting Template (CRT), which is now required per the updated FAQ and details how CCTLs must present the required evidence related to CAVP/CMVP claims in the ETR.


These changes take effect 15 July 2018. 


Please note:


1. The only change to Policy #5 is in paragraph two under policy, "...the Assurance Activity Report must clearly indicate all SFRs for which a CAVP certificate...." This was formerly required in the ST but is now required in the AAR.


2. The only change to the FAQ was for Question 5, where "The CCTL must provide clear evidence in the Evaluation Technical Report in accordance with the NIAP Certificate Reporting Template" was added.


3. The CAVP Mapping document was updated to align with the new way in which information is displayed on the NIST Algorithm Listings and to note that for FFC Schemes using DH Group 14, there is no CAVP testing and therefore no CAVP certificate is required at this time.


Please review these documents, which are all published on the NIAP Policy page (, and contact NIAP with any questions or concerns before the effective date.


Thank you,
NIAP Staff
410-854-4458 office





Posted on 2018-06-26 by NIAP Staff

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