NIAP: Labgram #20 - Rescission of NIAP Interpretation I-0424
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Rescission of NIAP Interpretation I-0424

The CCIMB has found that NIAP Interpretation I-0424 would violate Mutual Recognition. I-0424 suggested that FPT_SEP should be restructured to make the nature of hierarchy clearer, and to create a new component that is hierarchical to everything else. The CCIMB believes this is unnecessary, noting that the fact that FDP_SEP.2 can be completed in such a way that makes it equivalent to FDP_SEP.3 does not violate the hierarchical relationship. They also disagreed with the perceived need for a new component that is hierarchical to the current ones. The CCIMB felt that specification of a requirement for isolated reference monitors could be achieved within the existing criteria framework.

The NIB and CCEVS management agree with the CCIMB that this NIAP interpretation is not useful and would only lead to divergence from other schemes. CCEVS management therefore rescinds Interpretation I-0424.

Posted on 2003-05-09 by J. Schaffer

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