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Status of Interpretations

In an effort to reduce the perceived divergence between evaluations conducted within CCEVS and those conducted by other schemes, and to address other questions raised, the CCEVS is clarifying its policy concerning NIAP Interpretations.

NIAP Interpretations will continue to be issued by the NIAP Interpretations Board and approved by CCEVS management. The purpose of these interpretations will be to offer clarifications to the CC/CEM in the form of proposed changes to the CC/CEM. NIAP Interpretations will continue to be available for public review.

Upon CCEVS management approval, evaluations are to consider the proposed changes contained within the interpretations as the recommended way to understand the requirements. They will have the same status within evaluations as do Precedents, in that they will provide an informed opinion describing what the requirements mean and an acceptable use. Because all changes to the words are treated as refinements for which rationales must be provided, the rationale for the word changes resulting from the use of a CCEVS interpretation will simply cite the interpretation.

CCEVS will forward each management-approved interpretation to the CCIMB for consideration as it strives to produce regular updates to the Criteria and Methodology. Non-concurrence from the CCIMB will signal the need for rescission of the interpretation by CCEVS management. NIAP Interpretations I-0389 and I-0424 have been rescinded for this reason. Any future rescission of NIAP interpretations will be announced, in the same manner as when interpretations are approved by CCEVS management, on the CCEVS mailing lists and website.

The naming/notation system that has been used in the past will be optional when CCEVS interpretation words are used within an evaluation. For cases when the notation convention is not used, there should be clear note at the point of the use of the interpretation indicating the interpretation applied to a particular component. This can be a footnote, a tailoring or operation note, or some other informative note.

Posted on 2003-05-09 by J. Schaffer

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