NIAP: Labgram #23 - 4th ICCC Certificate Deadlines
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4th ICCC Certificate Deadlines

The Director CCEVS will be presenting certificates at the 4th ICCC Conference 7-9 September 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. The following timeline will be used for determining whether a product/PP can be awarded a certificate for presentation during the conference.

  • Lab must deliver ETR to validator on/before 28 July 2003
  • Validator must deliver Validation Report package to CCEVS on/before 11 August 2003 and,
  • Vendor & Lab must complete, sign, and deliver "Vendor/CCTL release form" to CCEVS on/before 25 August 2003.

In addition, if the vendor plans to issue a product announcement at the conference that needs CCEVS review, then the Vendor must deliver the draft announcement to the CCEVS on/before 25 August 2003.

Please discuss with the vendor and plan accordingly. I would appreciate if the CCTLs would drop me a line to let me know what evaluations they expect to finish up in time for this conference.

Posted on 2003-07-07 by Rebecca Galanakis

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