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Content for MSR Reporting

The CCEVS has agreement with the Common Criteria Testing Laboratories (CCTLs) that, at a minimum, the following content will be provided to the project's lead validator. CCTL management may choose to define a specific format across the board for all of the laboratories projects. In no way shall the validator dictate a specific format for content of MSRs.

CCTL MSR Content:
Identify Validation ID (VID) Number. As multiple projects from many of the same vendors are entering the scheme it is imperative that we all refer to the project by the same VID#. The lab will be given the VID# by CCEVS at the time the validator is assigned.

Identify Status of Evaluation. Select only one category to correspond with what activity you are reporting. The categories are Activity/Normal, No Activity/30 days, No activity/60 days, and Recommend Terminate.

Identify Key Points of Contact. At a minimum, the CCTL must identify the Lead Evaluator, Lead Validator, Validation Team Leader, and Sponsor Representative. If you would like to add others feel free to do so.

Identify (by classes) the CCTL deliverables and/or status of work performed. This may be in the form of a spreadsheet or bulleted text, or any other way of getting the information across. Any "format" is deemed acceptable.

Identify any problems/risks/concerns the CCTL has with the evaluation/validation. The Senior Team Leaders will be responsible for developing a consistent monthly cycle between the CCTL, Validator and CCEVS Records which considers the following:

  • Date MSR is due from CCTL
  • Date coordination process between validator & CCTL is complete.
  • Date final MSRs will be sent to records.

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Posted on 2005-02-18 by Rebecca Galanakis

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