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Labgram #49 - Updated Monthly Schedule Reporting


The VOR process, along with the Time Limit Policy and Inactive Evaluations, has eliminated the need for detailed schedule information. We do however need the schedules to project current and future Validator resources and to keep our "in evaluation" listing current.  Therefore, we have revised the format for the monthly schedules to include only specific milestones. 

Effective immediately,  each CCTL is required to submit a spreadsheet consisting of the VID, Product Name, projected TVOR date (projected testing date for those evaluations that do not require a Test VOR), projected FVOR date,  and projected Completion Date. Each month, the spreadsheet must be updated and any changes highlighted for ease of database entry.

CCEVS will be forwarding a blank template to each CCTL listing all current projects to start with. Please also note that effective 1 April all new evaluations will be required to have Test VORs in accordance with our VOR Guide.

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Posted on 2008-03-28 by Randy Sullivan

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