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Labgram #59/Valgram #80 - 11th ICCC Conference Certificate Presentation Deadlines

Validators and Labs,

The Director CCEVS will be presenting certificates at the 11th ICCC

Conference 21-23 September in Antalya, Turkey.  The following timeline will be used for determining whether a product certificate can be presented at the award ceremony.

  • Lab delivers all final updated documentation to validator on/before 13 August 2010.
  • Validator delivers Final Package, ST, VR, ETR, etc. to CCEVS on/before 20 August 2010 and,
  • Vendor & Lab complete, sign, and deliver all required forms (F8002, F8003, F8004) to CCEVS on/before 20 August 2010.

In addition, if the vendor plans to issue a product announcement during the conference, the Vendor must deliver the draft announcement to the CCEVS on/before 31 August 2010.

Please plan accordingly and drop me a line to let me know what evaluations you expect to finish in time for the 11th ICCC by Friday, 23 July 2010. Also, please pay special attention to completion of Final Packages including all necessary forms and proper documentation. Incomplete or incorrect documentation causes delays which may result in rejection of presentation at the 11th ICCC Conference.

It is in the best interest to get the forms submitted to CCEVS on or before the deadline noted above. If one is non-compliant, NIAP CCEVS cannot present the certificate(s). This timeline is tight with the consideration of the IA Directors availability to sign the certificates.

Thank you,

Randy Sullivan
410-854-4458 office
410-854-6615 fax

Posted on 2010-05-14 by Randy Sullivan

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