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Use of Evaluation Acceptance Agreements at Kick-off Meetings

This is a reminder that both Scheme Publication #3, Guidelines to Validators of IT Security Evaluations, and Scheme Publication #4, Guidelines to Common Criteria Testing Laboratories specify the completion of an Evaluation Acceptance and Non-Disclosure Agreement (F8003) following the Evaluation Kick-off Meeting. Until now, the CCEVS Validation Body has not enforced the requirement for completing this agreement. For all new projects from this date forward an Evaluation Acceptance and Non-Disclosure Agreement is required to be completed. A copy of the agreement can be obtained through the "Forms and Templates" page.

The Validators are responsible for seeing that an Evaluation Acceptance and Non-Disclosure agreement is prepared for each project. The CCTLs are asked to coordinate with the sponsor and the Validator in preparing the agreement, and obtaining the necessary signatures. A copy of the signed agreement will be sent to the sponsor and the CCTL.

Posted on 2002-04-09 by A. Johnson

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