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Labgram #61/Valgram #82 - ODRB – PDs Available

Validators and Labs,

The ODRB is pleased to announce that the PDs from our latest meeting are now available in the PD database at the NIAP/CCEVS website,

The new PDs are:

PD-0156     Meeting FDP_ACF.1 claimed in the GPOSPP  

PD-0157     Programming Language Interfaces / Compilers in the TOE     

PD-0158     Problems with FPT_TST_EXT in GPOSPP 1.0  

PD-0159     Meeting FAU_SAR.3 claimed in the TFFW PP

PD-0160     SFR-enforcing Module SFR-related Interface Descriptions

If you identify any problems or errors in these PDs, please send your comments to Daniel Faigin, the ODRB Database Maintainer, at They will put on the agenda for discussion at the next ODRB meeting.

Thank you,

Randy Sullivan
410-854-4458 office
410-854-6615 fax

Posted on 2011-01-04 by Randy Sullivan

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