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Labgram #69/Valgram #90 - Electronic Check-In Meeting Criteria

Validators and Labs,


To ensure the CCTL, vendor, and the validator understand what warrants an Electronic Check-In (e-Check-In) meeting, please follow the specified criteria below:

  • Both CCTL and the vendor have evaluated at least one product against the Protection Profile (PP);
  • The previous evaluation against the PP did not encounter significant technical issues;
  • There have been no significant NVLAP-type issues with the CCTL within the past 12 months or previous 4 evaluations;
  • There have been no significant changes (i.e. adding of optional/objective Security Functional Requirements) to the Security Target (ST).

In order for an e-Check-In meeting to be approved, all criteria above must be met. Please email the NIAP Staff at for further clarification or to answer any questions regarding the requirements for an e-Check-In meeting.


Thank you,


NIAP Staff


NIAP Staff

410-854-4458 office

410-854-6615 fax

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Posted on 2014-02-21 by NIAP Staff

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