NIAP: Labgram #7 - Followup from CCEVS Meeting Meeting with Labs
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Followup from CCEVS Meeting Meeting with Labs

This information is provided as a followup to our lab meeting yesterday and is not intended as a complete meeting summary.

The CCEVS mail distribution lists archives can be found at They are in alphabetical order - scroll down to the c's. If you have any additional changes to the ccevs-labs mail list (not noted yesterday) please send them to ccevs-staff and the changes will be made as quickly as possible. Also, take a few minutes periodically to review the information we have listed for you on and notifiy the staff of any changes. We refer callers to the website so make sure the info is correct!

A reminder that the 3-way NDA, Form 8003 is located on the CCEVS website, under Docs & Guidance. You should initiate the review of that form during your contract negotiations, pre-eval work. It's acceptable to have it signed during the kick-off but we have found that the folks attending the kick-off are not comfortable signing with no prior review/warning. Please give the vendor a heads-up as early as possible and if you know the company wants to make a change to the wording please let the staff know as soon as possible. You should certainly keep the validator informed but I will be your POC for follow-up with NDAs.

You have an action to get back to the staff by COB 5 July to let us know what your requirements are for getting our visitors from the UK/Australia/France/Germany into your facility.

Posted on 2002-06-26 by Rebecca Galanakis

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