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Labgram #092/Valgram #112 - NIAP Validation Approval Forms

Validators and CCTLs,



Recently there have been concerns expressed by labs/vendors about signing NIAP paperwork (F8002b, F8003, and F8004 Forms) approving documents to be posted to the Product Compliant List and Common Criteria Portal prior to finalization.  To clarify, all forms can be sent after all evaluation evidence has been finalized.  However, the 180 day evaluation time limit still applies while awaiting these documents.  If the vendor prefers not to sign approval forms prior to finalization, the signed forms may be delivered after all documents are completed, but must be received by NIAP prior to the evaluation termination date. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 410-854-4458 or by email


Thank you,


NIAP Staff


NIAP Staff

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Posted on 2016-02-10 by NIAP Staff

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