NIAP: Labgram #97 - Labgram #097/Valgram #117 - NIAP Product Evaluation Status Prior to Kick-Off
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Labgram #097/Valgram #117 - NIAP Product Evaluation Status Prior to Kick-Off

Validators and CCTLs,

Recently there has been some confusion regarding the status values utilized by NIAP in the PINE tool to track evaluations prior to Check-in. In an effort to provide clarity for each individual party involved in all facets of evaluation, below is a guideline for each status along with intended timelines and expectations.

-    “In Draft” – No time limit;
      o    Set automatically at time of input; provides NIAP a “heads-up” that a product is likely to be evaluated,
      o    No action taken by NIAP,
      o    Project is in full control of the Lab while completing preparation for evaluation or awaiting vendor or product readiness
-    “Proposed” – No more than one month
      o    Set by the CCTL,
      o    CCTL will deliver Check-in package & EAR to NIAP for review within one month,
      o    NIAP assigns validators to evaluation project team, notifies CCTL & Validators
-     “Pre-Evaluation” – Two weeks from time of Check-In Package/EAR delivery (dependent on reviews)
      o    Set by NIAP once validators are assigned,
      o    NIAP Check-in package & EAR review process conducted

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Thank you,

NIAP Staff

NIAP Staff
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Posted on 2016-05-18 by NIAP Staff

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