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Archived TD0016:  Application of TD0005 and ERRATA2 to WLANASPP for FPT_ITT, FTP_ITC, and FTP_TRP

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Other References
PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, PP_ND_V1.1-ERR2, TD0005

Issue Description

TD0005 allowed the removal of Test 3 from FPT_ITT.1 in NDPP Errata #2, based on the fact that this test was already removed from FTP_ITC.1 and FTP_TRP.1 (Test 4). The WLAN AS PP still contains the original requirements for FTP_ITC.1, FTP_TRP.1 and FPT_ITT.1.  Can the WLAN AS PP requirements be updated to reflect those in NDPP Errata #2, along with the removal of the test in FPT_ITT.1 in accordance with TD0005?


The FTP_ITC.1 and FTP_TRP.1 requirements in the WLAN AS PP can be updated by the corresponding requirements in NDPP V1.1 Errata #2; this will result in Test 4 being removed from each of these requirements. Also, Test 3 in the FPT_ITT.1 requirement can be removed in accordance with TD0005.


There was agreement that the tests should be removed from the NDPP requirements. Since the WLAN AS PP contains the same requirements, the tests should be removed from those requirements as well.

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