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Archived TD0036:  Removal of Low-level Crypto Failure Audit in WLAN AS PP

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PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, FAU_GEN.1, Table 9

Issue Description

The Assurance Activity for FAU_GEN.1 in the WLAN AS PP requires the developer’s administrative guidance to contain an audit record for the following auditable events in table 9:

  • FCS_CKM.1(1) - Failure of the key generation activity
  • FCS_CKM.1(2) - Failure of the key generation activity
  • FCS_CKM_EXT.4 - Failure of the key zeroization process
  • FCS_COP.1(1) - Failure of encryption or decryption
  • FCS_COP.1(2) - Failure of cryptographic signature
  • FCS_COP.1(3) - Failure of hashing function
  • FCS_COP.1(4) - Failure in Cryptographic Hashing for Non-Data Integrity
  • FCS_COP.1(5) - Failure of WPA2 encryption or decryption
  • FCS_RBG_EXT.1 - Failure of the randomization process.

Documenting the above audit events for administrative guidance is directly dependent on each respective functional component failing. 
It is difficult to cause these functional components to fail as it requires extensive low-level manipulation of the TOE’s operating conditions. 


The “Auditable Events” and “Additional Audit Record Contents” columns in Table 9 should be changed to “None” for the functional components listed above.


The evolution of the NDPP shows audit event failures for FCS functional components were removed as part of the changes from version 1.0 to version 1.1.  This is consistent with NIAP PPs for other technologies including the example described in TD033 for the MDM PP. This PP should be consistent with these efforts and also with the new ND cPP.

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