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Archived TD0083:  Vulnerability Survey Assurance Component (AVA_VAN.1) in PSS PP v3.0

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The Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch Version 3.0 omitted the AVA_VAN.1 “Vulnerability Survey” assurance component. However, this component is needed and being added with this technical decision.


AVA_VAN.1 “Vulnerability Survey” assurance component is included in the PSS PP v3.0.


In the TOE Security Assurance Requirements, adding:

Assurance Class Assurance Components Assurance Components Description
Vulnerability Assessment AVA_VAN.1 Vulnerability analysis


Adding Section 4.2.25 AVA_VAN.1,

Vulnerability Survey Developer action elements:


The developer shall provide the TOE for testing.

Content and presentation elements:


The TOE shall be suitable for testing.

Evaluator action elements:


The evaluator shall confirm that the information provided meets all requirements for content and presentation of evidence.


The evaluator shall perform a search of public domain sources to identify potential vulnerabilities in the TOE.


The evaluator shall conduct penetration testing, based on the identified potential vulnerabilities, to determine that the TOE is resistant to attacks performed by an attacker possessing Basic attack potential.


AVA_VAN.1 is being included for compliance with the CEM. See CC v3.1 Release 4, Part 3: Security Assurance Requirements.

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