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Archived TD0100:  Password Management in SVPP

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FIA_PMG_EXT.1 and management function #3 in FMT_MOF_EXT.1.1 imply that using passwords is mandatory.  However, it is allowable for a product to disable password functionality and use other authentication methods as described in FIA_UIA_EXT.1.


 Modify FMT_MOF_EXT.1.1, item 12 (the selection) to include the bullet:

   * Ability to enable/disable password authentication

 Modify the FMT_MOF_EXT.1 Application Note to include the following:

While password authentication (and the associated password management functionality) must be supported by the TOE, it is acceptable to disable that functionality and force administrators to use an alternate authentication mechanisms, as specified in FIA_UAU_EXT.2.  If this capability is included, the ST author selects "Ability to enable/disable password authentication" in item 12.


Add the following SFR to the SV PP:

FIA_UAU_EXT.2 Password-based Authentication Mechanism

FIA_UAU_EXT.2.1The   TSF   shall   provide   a   local   password-based   authentication mechanism, [selection: [assignment:  other  authentication  mechanism(s)],  none]to  perform administrative user authentication.

Application Note

The  assignment  should  be  used  to  identify  any  additional  local authentication  mechanisms supported.  Local  authentication  mechanisms  are  defined  as  those  that  occur  through  the local   console;   remote   administrative   sessions   (and   their   associated   authentication mechanisms) are specified in FTP_TRP.1.





This change shows that password functionality may be disabled if other allowable authentication methods are used instead.

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