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Archived TD0144:  FDP_RIP.1.1 - Purge Memory and Restore Factory Defaults Optional

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The Application Note in FDP_RIP.1.1 contains a requirement.  FDP_RIP.1 does not specify any behaviors related to deleting all TOE stored configuration and settings. Reset is optional in the TSS Assurance Activity for FPT_TST.1 and in the SFR for FTA_CIN_EXT.1.


All references to "Purge Memory or Restore Factory Defaults" within FDP_RIP.1.1 have been moved to Optional Requirements.

Annex F: Optional Requirements

FDP_RIP.1.1(2)  The TOE shall have a purge memory or Restore Factory Defaults function accessible to the user to delete all TOE stored configuration and settings.

Assurance Activity


The evaluator shall verify that the TSS describes the TOE's reaction to memory purge or Restore Factory Defaults.


Check that the user guidance provides a method to purge TOE memory or to Restore Factory Default settings.


Perform the TOE memory purge or Restore Factory Defaults according to the guidance and verify that the TOE enters a desirable secure state.


The Application Note cannot contain requirements, therefore an optional requirement to purge memory and Restore Factory Default settings has been moved to Annex F as an optional requirement.

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