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Archived TD0203:  Adding Missing FCS_TLSS_EXT.1.4 Component

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The FCS_TLSS_EXT.1.4 component is missing from the PP_CA_v2.0 due to copy-and-paste error.


The following text will be added to the FCS_TLSS_EXT.1 SFR in the CA PP .


FCS_TLSS_EXT.1.4 The TSF shall present the Supported Elliptic Curves Extension in the Client Hello with the following NIST curves: [selection: secp256r1, secp384r1, secp521r1] and no other curves.

Application Note: If ciphersuites with elliptic curves were selected in FCS_TLSs_EXT.1.1, this component is required. This requirement limits the elliptic curves allowed for authentication and key agreement to the NIST curves from FCS_COP.1(2) and FCS_CKM.1 and FCS_CKM.2. This extension is required for clients supporting Elliptic Curve ciphersuites.

Assurance Activity: The evaluator shall verify that TSS describes the Supported Elliptic Curves Extension and whether the required behavior is performed by default or may be configured.


Test 1: The evaluator shall configure the server to perform an ECDHE key exchange in the TLS connection using a non-supported curve (for example P-192) and shall verify that the TOE disconnects after receiving the server’s Key Exchange handshake message. 




Component inadvertantly omitted during cut and paste operation.

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