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Archived TD0308:  FIT Technical Decision for Cryptographic Operation Signature Verification and Hash Algorithm

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Other References
FCS_COP.1(a), FCS_COP.1(b)

Issue Description

The FIT has issued a technical decision for Cryptographic Operation Signature Verification and Hash Algorithm.


The application note in FCS_COP.1(a) and FCS_COP.1(b) in the FDE AA cPP v2 and FDE AA cPP v2 shall therefore be modified as follows:

Application Note: The selection should be consistent with the overall strength of the algorithm used for FCS_COP.1(a) and quantum resistant recommendations. For example, SHA-256 should be chosen for 2048-bit RSA or ECC with P-256, SHA-384 should be chosen for 3072-bit RSA, 4096-bit RSA, or ECC with P-384, and SHA-512 should be chosen for ECC with P-521. The selection of the standard is made based on the algorithms selected.

For further information, please see the FIT interpretation at:


See issue description.

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