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TD0416:  Correction to FCS_RBG_EXT.1 Test Activity

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The Tests activity for FCS_RBG_EXT.1.1 in PP_APP_v1.3 specifies “If implement DRBG functionality is selected, the following tests shall be performed: The evaluator shall decompile the application binary using a decompiler suitable for the application (TOE). The evaluator shall search the output of the decompiler to determine that, for each API listed in the TSS, that API appears in the output. If the representation of the API does not correspond directly to the strings in the following list, the evaluator shall provide a mapping from the decompiled text to its corresponding API, with a description of why the API text does not directly correspond to the decompiled text and justification that the decompiled text corresponds to the associated API. The following are the per-platform list of acceptable APIs:…”

These tests activities are applicable only if platform-provided DRBG functionality is invoked.



Within the FCS_RBG_EXT.1.1 Evaluation Activity,  the first sentence under Tests is modified as follows:“If invoke platform-provided DRBG functionality is selected, the following tests shall be performed:"


See issue description.

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