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Archived TD0421:  Removal of Combiners from PSS PP

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The Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switches v3.0 (PSSv3.0) includes a discussion of Combiners as a use case, but the scope fails to fully describe the threats and security requirements for the technology. Given the lack of sufficient testing requirements, it is not appropriate to include such products in the Target of Evaluation (TOE). The Combiner use case will be removed from PSSv3.0, and support for the Combiner use case will be included in the next version.


PSS PP v3.0 is modified as follows:


Section 1.4 TOE Background

In the context of this PP, a peripheral sharing switch provides a mechanism to securely connect a common set of peripherals (1 to n) to the attached computer(s) (1 to j) without sharing or transferring data (Figure 1). The PSS will follow a deliberate action from the user to enable an interaction between the connected peripherals and the selected computer. Examples of the type of PSS that should claim compliance to this PP include keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) switches; keyboard, mouse (KM) switches; and isolators (PSS with a single connected computer). Examples of devices that are not suitable for evaluation against this PP include Internet Protocol (IP) and network-attached switches, combiners, and matrix switches. Basic use cases are defined in Annex B.


Section B.5 Use Case 5

This section is removed.





See Issue Description. 


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