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Archived TD0427:  Reliable Time Source

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Protection Profiles
PP_APP_v1.2, PP_APP_v1.3

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Issue Description

In the VPN Client PP-Module, the  objective SFR: FAU_GEN.1 Audit Data Generation typically has a dependency on FPT_STM: Reliable Timestamps which is not implicitly or explicitly satisfied by the module itself or the App PP. The App PP should have an assumption of a reliable clock at minimum when claiming SFRs that need a reliable mechanism for determining certificate validity.


The A. Platform assumption in App PP v1.2 and App PP v1.3 is replaced as follows:

    The TOE relies upon a trustworthy computing platform with a reliable time clock for its execution. This includes the underlying platform and whatever runtime environment it provides to the TOE.


See issue description.

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