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TD0456:  Removal of Low-level Crypto Failure Audit in WLAN AS EP

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The auditable events in table 1 within section of [PP_WLAN_AS_EP_V1.0] includes events for FCS_CKM.1(2), FCS_CKM.2(2), FCS_CKM.2(3), and FCS_COP.1(1). The auditable events for these SFRs should have been removed from [PP_WLAN_AS_EP_V1.0].  NIAP Technical Decision [TD0036] covered the justification for removal of these types of audit events as they were defined in the previous and now archived WLAN protection profile, [PP_WLAN_AS_v1.0].  


The “Auditable Events” and “Additional Audit Record Contents” columns in Table 1 for these SFRs are modified as follows:


Requirement                 Auditable Event              Additional Audit Record Contents

FCS_CKM.1(2)              None.                             None.

FCS_CKM.2.(2)             None.                             None.

FCS_CKM.2(3)              None.                             None.

FCS_COP.1(1)               None.                             None.


Documenting the above audit events for administrative guidance is directly dependent on each respective functional component failing.  It is difficult to cause these functional components to fail as it requires extensive low-level manipulation of the TOE’s operating conditions.

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