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Archived TD0538:  NIT Technical Decision for Outdated link to allowed-with list

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Section 2

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The NIT has issued a technical decision for Outdated link to allowed-with list


5/19/2023: This TD is superseded by TD 738 and is now archived.

The links to the allowed-with list for NDcPP are outdated and need to be updated. Therefore, the last paragraph in Section 2 of NDcPPv2.1 and NDcPPv2.2e shall be modified as follows:

shall be replaced by:

"The latest version of the 'ND cPP allowed-with list' that specifies the packages and PP-Modules to which exact conformance can be claimed in conjunction with this cPP, can be found at in the folder on OnlyOffice. The PP-Modules specified therein are also the ones allowed to specify this cPP as a base-PP."

For further information, please see the NIT interpretation at:


See issue description

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