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Archived TD0543:  FMT_MEC_EXT.1 evaluation activity update

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The evaluation activity does not include the Windows 10 namespace.


The Evaluation Activity for WIndows for FMT_MEC_EXT.1 shall be modified as follows, with underlines indicating additions:

For Windows: The evaluator shall determine and verify that Windows Universal Applications use either the Windows.Storage namespace, Windows.UI.ApplicationSettings namespace, or the IsolatedStorageSettings namespace for storing application specific settings. For .NET applications, the evaluator shall determine and verify that the application uses one of the locations listed in for storing application specific settings.For Classic Desktop applications, the evaluator shall run the application while monitoring it with the SysInternals tool ProcMon and make changes to its configuration. The evaluator shall verify that ProcMon logs show corresponding changes to the the Windows Registry or C:\ProgramData\ directory.


See issue description.

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