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Archived TD0548:  Integrity for installation tests in AppSW PP 1.3

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TD0178 was issued for APP SW PP v1.2 and later archived however was not carried into APP SW PP v1.3. 


The Tests for FPT_TUD_EXT.1.3 is replaced as follows:

For iOS: The evaluator shall consider the requirement met because the platform forces applications to write all data within the application working directory (sandbox).

For all other platforms: The evaluator shall install the application and then locate all of its executable files. The evaluator shall then, for each file, save off either a hash of the file or a copy of the file itself. The evaluator shall then run the application and exercise all features of the application as described in the ST. The evaluator shall then compare each executable file with the either the saved hash or the saved copy of the files. The evaluator shall verify that these are identical.


It is still true that apps on iOS are severely restricted and are completely passive during installation and uninstallation; therefore, developers have no design decisions with regards to installation/uninstallation of updates.

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