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TD0586:  DisplayPort and HDMI Interfaces in FDP_IPC_EXT.1

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FDP_IPC_EXT.1 allows DisplayPort input and HDMI output but not HDMI input and DisplayPort output. 


FDP_IPC_EXT.1 in PP-Module for Video/Display Devices v1.0 is modified as follows (additions underlined):

FDP_IPC_EXT.1.1  The TSF shall convert the [DisplayPort] protocol at the [selection: DisplayPort peripheral display interface(s), DisplayPort computer video interface] into the [HDMI] protocol within the TOE. 

FDP_IPC_EXT.1.2  The  TSF  shall  output  the  [HDMI]  protocol  from  inside  the  TOE  to  [selection: computer video interface, peripheral display interface(s)] as [selection: [DisplayPort] protocol, [HDMI] protocol]. 

Application Note:  This  SFR  must  be  claimed  if  “DisplayPort”  is  chosen  as  a  selection  for  FDP_PDC_EXT.2.1/VI. The intent of this requirement is to ensure HDMI is used in place of DisplayPort while within the TOE, whether the DisplayPort interface is at the peripheral display interface, computer video interface, or both.


See issue description.

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