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TD0707:  Formatting corrections for MOD_BT_V1.0

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Other References
FAU_GEN.1/BT, Appendix C

Issue Description

Two SFRs in MOD_BT_v1.0 have inconsistencies with CC Part 2 and the ECD.


PP-Module for Bluetooth v1.0 is modified as follows, with yellow highlights indicating additions and red highlights indicating deletions:


FAU_GEN.1/BT is modified as follows (the auditable events table and application note remain unchanged):

FAU_GEN.1.1/BT             The TSF shall be able to generate an audit record of the following auditable events:

a.       Start-up and shutdown of the audit functions

b.       All auditable events for the [not selectedspecified] level of audit

c.       [Specifically defined auditable events in the Auditable Events table].

FAU_GEN.1.2/BT             The TSF shall record within each audit record at least the following information:

a.       Date and time of the event

b.       Type of event

c.       Subject identity

d.       The outcome (success or failure) of the event

e.       For each audit event type, based on the auditable event definitions of the functional components included in the PP/ST, [Additional information in the Auditable Events table].


FTP_BLT_EXT.3.1 in Section C.2 is modified as follows:

The TSF shall set the minimum encryption key size to [assignment: key size larger than or equal to 128 bits] for [assignment: Bluetooth protocol] and not negotiate encryption key sizes smaller than the minimum size.


Corrections required to complete Certification Report.

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