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Archived TD0110:  MDM Agent v2.0 Extended from MDF v3.0

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The MDM Agent EP v2.0 states that, "This EP serves to complement the MDM PP v2.x or the MDF PP v2.x ...," but there is no update or language which ties this to being used with the new MDF PP v3.0.


MDM Agent EP v2.0 can be extended from MDF PP v3.0.


The only concern is the APIs that the device is required to make available to the agent. MDF v3.0 devices are required to provide more APIs than MDF v2.0 devices, so there shouldn't be any major issues with management functions required of the agent that the device does not provide the appropriate API for.

However, the reverse is not true. A newer agent may not extend from an older device, i.e., MDM Agent v3.0 (when published) may not extend from MDF v2.0.

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