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Item Title References Publication Date
TD0164 new NIT Technical Decision for Negative testing for additional ciphers for SSH CPP_ND_V1.0, ND SD V1.0, FCS_SSHC_EXT.1.4, FCS_SSHS_EXT.1.4 2017.03.21
TD0162 new Consistency of mapping between Security Objectives and SFRs PP_ND_IPS_EP_V1.0 2017.03.15
TD0161 new FTP_ITC.1(2) - Test 2 Not Required FTP_ITC.1(2); PP_VOIP_V1.3 2017.03.21
TD0160   NIT Technical Decision for Transport mode and tunnel mode in IPSEC communications CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.3 2017.03.08
TD0158   FMT_SMF_EXT.1 FMT_SMF_EXT.1.1; PP_MD_V3.0 2017.03.08
TD0156 new NIT Technical Decision for SSL/TLS Version Testing in the NDcPP v1.0 and FW cPP v1.0 CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, ND SD V1.0, FCS_TLSS_EXT1.2, FCS_TLSS_EXT.2.2 2017.03.15
TD0155   NIT Technical Decision for TLSS tests using ECDHE in the NDcPP v1.0. CPP_ND_V1.0, ND SD V1.0, FCS_TLSS_EXT.1.3, FCS_TLSS_EXT.2.3 2017.03.01
TD0154   NIT Technical Decision for Versions of TOE Software in the NDcPP v1.0 and FW cPP v1.0 CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FPT_TUD_EXT.1 2017.03.01
TD0153   NIT Technical Decision for Auditing of NTP Time Changes in the NDcPP v1.0 and FW cPP v1.0 CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FAU_GEN.1, FPT_STM.1 2017.03.01
TD0152   NIT Technical Decision for Reference identifiers for TLS in the NDcPP v1.0 and FW cPP v1.0 CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, ND SD V1.0, FCS_TLSC_EXT.1, FCS_TLSC_EXT.2 2017.03.01
TD0151   NIT Technical Decision for FCS_TLSS_EXT Testing - Issue 1 in NDcPP v1.0. CPP_ND_V1.0, ND SD V1.0, FCS_TLSS_EXT.1, FCS_TLSS_EXT.2 2017.03.01
TD0150   NIT Technical Decision for Removal of SSH re-key audit events in the NDcPP v1.0 and FW cPP v1.0 CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FAU_GEN.1 2017.03.01
TD0149   FPT_ITT.1.1 - Clarification of Tests FPT_ITT.1.1; PP_NDCPP_IPS_EP_V2.1 2017.03.03
TD0148   Hardware-protected hash in FPT_TST_EXT.2.1 FPT_TST_EXT.2.1; PP_MD_v3.0 2017.02.24
TD0147   FIA_UAU.5.2 FIA_UAU.5.2; PP_MD_V3.0 2017.02.24
TD0146   FCS_STG_EXT.3.1 - Integrity FCS_STG_EXT.3.1; PP_MD_V3.0 2017.02.24
TD0145   FCS_CKM_EXT.3.1 - Security strength of KEKs FCS_CKM_EXT.3.1; PP_MD_V3.0 2017.02.10
TD0144   FDP_RIP.1.1 - Purge Memory and Restore Factory Defaults Optional FDP_RIP.1.1; PP_PSS_V3.0 2017.02.06
TD0143   NIT Technical Decision for Failure testing for TLS session establishment in NDcPP and FWcPP FCS_TLSS_EXT.1.1, CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, 2017.01.18
TD0142   FAU_STG_EXT.1 - Optional Requirement FAU_STG_EXT.1; EP_VVOIP_V1.0 2017.01.20
TD0141   FMT_MOF.1.1 & FMT_SMF.1.1 - Test Mapping FMT_SMF.1.1; PP_PSS_V3.0 2017.01.20
TD0140   FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.12, Test 1 - Importing of Private Key and Certificate FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.12, PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_V1.4 2017.01.19
TD0139   Clarification of testing for FDP_RIP_EXT.2 PP_BASE_VIRTUALIZATION_V1.0, FDP_RIP_EXT.2 2017.01.19
TD0138   IPsec VPN Client Testing of SPD Rules PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_V1.4, FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.1 2016.12.22
TD0137   FIA_X509_EXT.2.1 - IPsec Optional Selection FIA_X509_EXT.2.1; EP_ESC_V1.0 2016.12.22
TD0136   FDP_RIP.1.1 - Refinement PP_PSS_V3.0; FDP_RIP.1.1 2016.12.16
TD0135   SNMP in NDcPP MACsec EP v1.2 PP_NDCPP_MACSEC_EP_V1.2, FMT_SNMP_EXT.1.1, FCS_SNMP_EXT.1.1 2017.01.25
TD0134   AES Data Encryption/Decryption in NDcPP MACsec EP v1.2 PP_NDCPP_MACSEC_EP_V1.2, FCS_COP.1 2016.12.21
TD0133   FAU_GEN.1; FIA_SIPS_EXT.1 - Auditing SIP Register Events CPP_ND_SBC_EP_V1.0; FAU_GEN.1; FIA_SIPS_EXT.1 2016.12.14
TD0132   FFW_ACL_EXT.1, FFW_DPI_EXT.1 - ICMP Filtering Removed CPP_ND_SBC_EP_V1.0, FFW_ACL_EXT.1, FFW_DPI_EXT.1 2016.12.14
TD0131   Update to FCS_TLSS_EXT.1.1 Test 4.5 PP_APP_v1.2 2016.12.14
TD0130   NIT Technical Decision for Requirements for Destruction of Cryptographic Keys CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FCS_CKM.4 2016.12.08
TD0129   Updates to FTP_ITC.1 in SBC EP v1.0 CPP_ND_SBC_EP_V1.0 2016.12.22
TD0128   Updates to FTP_ITC.1 in ND cPP SBC EP v1.0 CPP_ND_SBC_EP_V1.0; FTP_ITC.1 2016.12.22
TD0127   FIA_SIPT_EXT.1.2 - TLS Client X.509 Certificate Authentication FIA_SIPT_EXT.1.2; EP_SBC_V1.1 2016.12.21
TD0126   NIT Technical Decision for TLS Mutual Authentication CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FTP_ITC.1, FCS_TLSC_EXT.1 2016.11.30
TD0125   NIT Technical Decision for Checking validity of peer certificates for HTTPS servers CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, , ND SD v1.0, FCS_HTTPS_EXT.1.3 2016.11.15
TD0124   Auditable Events in VPN IPSEC Client PP PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_V1.4, FAU_GEN.1.2 2016.11.07
TD0123   GCM Mode Added to FCS_KYC_EXT.1.1, FCS_COP.1.1(1), FPT_KYP_EXT.1.1 PP_APP_SWFE_EP_v1.0; FCS_KYC_EXT.1.1; FCS_COP.1.1(1); FPT_KYP_EXT.1.1 2016.11.03
TD0122   FMT_SMF.1.1 Assignments moved to Selections FMT_SMF.1.1, PP_APP_SWFE_EP_V1.0, PP_APP_v1.2 2016.11.04
TD0121   FMT_MEC_EXT.1.1 Configuration Options PP_APP_SWFE_EP_v1.0, FMT_MEC_EXT.1.1 2016.11.04
TD0120   FMT_SMF_EXT.1, Functions 2 & 5, Users and/or Administrators Configuration FMT_SMF_EXT.1; PP_MD_V2.0; PP_MD_V3.0 2016.12.01
TD0119   FCS_STO_EXT.1.1 in PP_APP_v1.2 PP_APP_v1.2 - FCS_STO_EXT.1.1 2016.10.26
TD0118   FAU_GEN.1 Application of Audit Requirements Update PP_MD_v2.0; PP_MD_v3.0; FAU_GEN.1.1; FAU_GEN.1.2 2016.10.27
TD0117   NIT Technical Decision for FIA_X509_EXT.1.1 Requirement in NDcPP CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_ND_V1.0, FIA_X509_EXT, FPT_TST_EXT, FPT_TUD_EXT 2016.10.13
TD0116   NIT Technical Decision for a Typo in reference to RSASSA-PKCS1v1_5 in NDcPP and FWcPP CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FCS_COP.1.1(2) 2016.10.13
TD0115   NIT Technical Decision for Transport mode and tunnel mode in IPsec communication in NDcPP and FWcPP CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.3 2016.10.13
TD0114   NIT Technical Decision for Re-Use of FIPS test results in NDcPP and FWcPP CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FCS_COP.1 2016.10.06
TD0113   NIT Technical Decision for testing and trusted updates in the NDcPP v1.0 and FW cPP v1.0 CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FPT_TUD_EXT.1 2016.10.06
TD0112   NIT Technical Decision for TLS testing in the NDcPP v1.0 and FW cPP v1.0. CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0 2016.10.06
TD0111   NIT Technical Decision for third party libraries and FCS_CKM.1 in NDcPP and FWcPP CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FCS_CKM.1 2016.10.06
TD0110   MDM Agent v2.0 Extended from MDF v3.0 PP_MDM_AGENT_V2.0 2016.10.06
TD0109   VM Separation Assurance Activity in SVPP PP_SV_V1.1 2016.10.03
TD0108   Residual Information in Memory in SVPP PP_SV_v1.1 2016.09.23
TD0107   FCS_CKM - ANSI X9.31-1998, Section 4.1.for Cryptographic Key Generation PP_APP_v1.1, PP_APP_v1.2, PP_MD_v2.0, PP_MDM_V2.0, PP_OS_v4.0, PP_OS_v4.1, PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_V1.4, PP_ND_VPN_GW_EPV1.1, PP_NDCPP_VPN_GW_EP_v2.0, PP_VOIP_V1.3 2016.09.14
TD0106   Removing SDES/SRTP from FIA_X509_EXT.2 PP_VOIP_V1.3, FIA_X509_EXT.2.1 2016.09.22
TD0105   MACsec Key Agreement FCS_MKA_EXT.1.2, FCS_MKA_EXT.1.5, FCS_MKA.1.8, PP_NDCPP_MACSEC_EP_V1.2 2016.09.13
TD0104   FMT_SMF and FMT_MOF in OS PP FMT_MOF_EXT.1.1, FMT_SMF_EXT.1.1, PP_OS_v4.1 2016.09.16
TD0103   Access Control Policy Prohibiting Apps Write/Exe Permissions PP_MD_v2.0, PP_MD_v3.0, FDP_ACF_EXT.1.3 2016.09.23
TD0102   Removing SIP Registration Requirement CPP_ND_SBC_EP_V1.0, FIA_SIPS_EXT.1.2 2016.09.16
TD0101   TOE Access Banner Configuration as Management Function in SVPP PP_SV_v1.1, FTA_TAB.1 2016.09.02
TD0100   Password Management in SVPP PP_SV_v1.1, FIA_PMG_EXT.1 , FMT_MOF_EXT.1.1 2016.09.02
TD0099   X509 in SVPP PP_SV_V1.1 2016.09.02
TD0098   FCS_CKM.1 Requirement in App PP V1.1 FCS_CKM.1.1, PP_APP_v1.1 2016.08.29
TD0097   VPN Gateway selection for FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.14 FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.14, PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_V1.4 2016.08.30
TD0096   NIT Technical Interpretation regarding Virtualization CPP_ND_V1.0 2016.07.16
TD0095   NIT Technical Interpretations regarding audit, random bit generation, and entropy in NDcPP CPP_FW_V1.0, CPP_ND_V1.0, FCS_RBG_EXT, FCS_COP, FAU_STG_EXT, Annex D.4 2016.07.16
TD0094   NIT Technical Decision for validating a published hash in NDcPP CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_ND_V1.0, FPT_TUD_EXT, FMT_MOF 2016.07.18
TD0093   NIT Technical Decision for FIA_X509_EXT.1.1 Requirement in NDcPP CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_ND_V1.0, FIA_X509_EXT, FPT_TST_EXT, FPT_TUD_EXT 2016.07.18
TD0092   FCS_KYC_EXT.1 - Key Integrity PP_APP_SWFE_EP_v1.0, PP_SWFDE_v1.1, FCS_KYC_EXT.1 2016.06.30
TD0091   Modification of High-Security Use Case in MDF PP v2.0 PP_MD_v2.0, FCS_TLSC_EXT.2.6 2016.06.08
TD0090   NIT Technical Decision for FMT_SMF.1.1 Requirement in NDcPP CPP_ND_V1.0, CPP_FW_V1.0, FMT_SMF.1.1, FPT_TUD_EXT.1.3 2016.06.07
TD0089   Updated Key Destruction SFR (FCS_CKM_EXT.4) for Server Virtualization PP 2016.05.26
TD0088   Revision to FDP_VOP_EXT.1.1 in VoIP PP v1.3 PP_VOIP_V1.3, FDP_VOP_EXT.1.1 2016.04.08
TD0087   Revision of FTP_DIT_EXT.1.1 in App PP v1.1 PP_APP_v1.1 2016.03.30
TD0086   DisplayPort to HDMI Conversion Functionality PP_PSS_V3.0; FDP_IFF.1.5(2), Rule 10 2016.03.10
TD0085   FMT_SMF.1 Specification of Management Functions in MACsec EP PP_NDCPP_MACSEC_EP_V1.0 2016.03.08
TD0084   P-256 is Optional in MDM v2.0 PP_MDM_V2.0, FCS_CKM.1.1, FCS_COP.1.1(3) 2016.03.08
TD0083   Vulnerability Survey Assurance Component (AVA_VAN.1) in PSS PP v3.0 PP_PSS_V3.0 2016.02.29
TD0082   Removal of Auditing of SSH Rekey in FAU_GEN.1(1) PP_MDM_V2.0 2016.02.25
TD0081   Inconsistency between FCS_CKM.2.1 and FCS_TLSC_EXT.1 in OSPP PP_OS_V4.0 2016.02.24
TD0080   Correction in TSS Assurance Activity for FMT_UNR_EXT.1.1 PP_MDM_AGENT_V2.0 2016.02.24
TD0079   RBG Cryptographic Transitions per NIST SP 800-131A Revision 1 PP_APP_v1.1, PP_CA_v1.0, PP_ESM_ICM_V2.1, PP_ESM_PM_V2.1, PP_ESM_AC_V2.1, PP_MD_v2.0, PP_MDM_V2.0, PP_OS_v4.0, PP_USB_FD_v1.0, PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_V1.4, PP_ND_VPN_GW_EPV1.1, PP_VOIP_V1.3, PP_WLAN_CLI_V1.0 2016.02.19
TD0078   FAU_ALT_EXT.1.1 AA Scenario Removal in MDM PP v2.0 PP_MDM_V2.0, FAU_ALT_EXT.1.1 2016.02.16
TD0077   Digital Signature Clarification in the SIP EP PP_NDCPP_SIP_EP_V2.0, FPT_TUD_EXT.1.3 2016.02.03
TD0076   Correction to SWFE Keychain Requirement PP_APP_SWFE_EP_v1.0, FCS_KYC_EXT.1.1 2015.12.24
TD0075   Revisions to FCS_CKM.1, FCS_CKM.2, FCS_COP.1(1), FCS_COP.1(2), FCS_COP.1(3), FCS_COP.1(4) in OSPPv4 PP_OS_v4.0 2015.12.16
TD0074   FCS_CKM.1(a) Requirement in HCD PP v1.0 PP_HCD_V1.0 2015.12.15
TD0073   Additional Option to meet FPT_TUD_EXT.1.2 in App PP v1.1 PP_APP_v1.1 2015.12.15
TD0072   FIA_X509_EXT.1.1 Certificate Depth in App PP v1.1 PP_APP_v1.1 2015.12.14
TD0071   Use of SHA-512 in ESM PPs PP_ESM_ICM_V2.1, PP_ESM_PM_V2.1, PP_ESM_AC_V2.1 2015.12.03
TD0070   Assurance Activity Clarification for FCS_RGB_EXT.1 in Software Application PP PP_APP_v1.1, FCS_RBG_EXT.1 2015.11.30
TD0069   Revision to FCS_COP.1(1) AA in SWFE EP v1.0 PP_APP_SWFE_EP_v1.0 2015.11.20
TD0068   Addition of SRTP Ciphersuites PP_VOIP_V1.3 and CPP_ND_SBC_EP_V1.0 2015.10.13
TD0067   Revision to FCS_CKM.1(A) SFR & AA in SWFE EP v1.0 PP_APP_SWFE_EP_v1.0 2015.10.13
TD0066   Clarification of FAU_STG_EXT.1 Requirement in ESM PPs PP_ESM_PM_V2.1, PP_ESM_ICM_V2.1, and PP_ESM_AC_V2.1 2015.10.08
TD0065   Revision of FDP_PRT_EXT.1.2 requirement in APP SWFE EP v1.0 PP_APP_SWFE_EP_v1.0 2015.10.02
TD0064   Whitelisting SSIDs (FMT_SMF_EXT.1, function 6) in MDF PP v2.0 PP_MD_v2.0 2015.09.11
TD0063   Virtual Device Parameters Testing in SVPP PP_SV_v1.0 2015.09.10
TD0062   Hypercall Parameters Testing in SVPP PP_SV_v1.0 2015.09.10
TD0061   AES_CCMP Requirement is Optional in SVPP PP_SV_v1.0 2015.09.10
TD0060   FDP_IFC_EXT.1 & FMT_SMF_EXT.1 Function 3 PP_MD_v2.0 2015.09.09
TD0059   FCS_SRV_EXT.1 & CAVS PP_MD_v2.0 2015.09.04
TD0058   MDFPP v2.0 FMT_SMF_EXT.1, function 15 PP_MD_v2.0 2015.08.31
TD0057   Update to TD0047 for Non Wear Leveled Flash Memory PP_MD_V2.0, requirement FCS_CKM_EXT.4; PP_MDM_V2.0; PP_MDM_Agent_V2.0 2015.08.07
TD0056   Revision to FCS_RBG_EXT.1 Requirement in VPN GW EP v1.1 PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_v1.1 2015.08.03
TD0055   Move FTA_TAB.1 to Selection-Based Requirement PP_ESM_PM_V2.1, PP_ESM_ICM_V2.1 2015.07.30
TD0054   Clarification of FPT_API_EXT.1.1 Requirement in APP PP v1.1 PP_APP_v1.1 2015.07.30
TD0053   Removal of FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.12 Test 5 from VPN IPSEC Client v1.4 PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_V1.4 2015.07.29
TD0052   Revised Application Note for FTP_ITC requirement in VPN GW EP v1.1 PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_v1.1 2015.07.24
TD0051   Android Implementation of TLS in App PP v1.1 PP_APP_v1.1, requirement FIA_X509_EXT.1 2015.07.17
TD0050   FMT_CFG_EXT.1.2 Change in APP SW PPv1.1 PP_APP_v1.1 2015.06.22
TD0049   Clarification of FAU_GEN.1 Requirements PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_v1.1 2015.06.17
TD0048   Curve25519 Implementations in FDP_DAR_EXT.2.2 Requirement PP_MDF_V2.0, requirement FDP_DAR_EXT.2.2 2015.06.16
TD0047   MDFPP v2.0 FCS_CKM_EXT.4 Update PP_MD_v2.0, requirement FCS_CKM_EXT.4 2015.06.10
TD0046   Asymmetric KEK Modification PP_CA_v1.0 2015.06.08
TD0045   Removal of FDP_OCSP_EXT.1.2 in CAPP PP_CA_v1.0 2015.05.20
TD0044   Update to FMT_SMF_EXT.1 PP_MD_v2.0 2015.05.05
TD0043   CAPP FCS_CKM_EXT.1.5 Correction PP_CA_v1.0 2014.04.22
TD0042   Removal of Low-level Crypto Failure Audit from PPs PP_CA_V1.0, PP_ESM_ICM_V2.1, PP_ESM_PM_V2.1, PP_ESM_AC_V2.1, PP_SV_V1.0, PP_VOIP_V1.3, PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_V1.4, PP_WEBBROWSER_V1.0, WLAN_CLI_V1.0; requirement FAU_GEN.1 2015.04.10
TD0041   Not accepting certificates when failing to connect/check certificates in FIA_X509_EXT.1.10 VPN GW EP PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_v1.1: requirement FIA_X509_EXT.1.10 2014.04.02
TD0040   Clarifications to Tests for TLSS Requirements in MDM PP V2.0 PP_MDM_V2.0, requirement FCS_TLSS_EXT.1.1 2015.04.01
TD0039   Clarifications to FPT_TUD_EXT.1(1) PP_MDM_V1.1, requirement FPT_TUD_EXT.1(1) (MDM Server) 2015.03.13
TD0038   Asymmetric KEKs (including the REK) in MDFPP v1.1 and v2.0 PP_MDF_V1.1, requirements FCS_CKM_EXT.1, FCS_CKM_EXT.3, and FCS_STG_EXT.2.2 & PP_MDF_V2.0, requirements FCS_CKM_EXT.1, FCS_CKM_EXT.3, and FCS_STG_EXT.2.2 2015.03.12
TD0037   IPsec Requirement_DN Verification PP_MDM_v1.1, PP_MDM_v2.0, PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_v1.1, PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_v1.4, PP_SV_v1.0 2015.03.06
TD0036   Removal of Low-level Crypto Failure Audit in WLAN AS PP PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, FAU_GEN.1, Table 9 2015.02.26
TD0035   Alignment of FTP_ITC.1. to NDPP V1.1 Errata #3 PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_V1.1, requirement FTP_ITC.1; PP_ND_V1.1_ERR3, requirement FTP_ITC.1 2015.02.25
TD0034   Revision of Test 5 in FCS_TLSC_EXT.1.1 & EXT.2.1 reqs in MDF PP V2.0, MDM PP V2.0, MDM Agent PP V2.0 PP_MDF_V2.0, MDM PP V2.0, MDM Agent PP V2.0 requirements FCS_TLSC_EXT.1.1 and FCS_TLSC_EXT.2.1 2015.02.11
TD0033   Auditing of Low-Level Crypto Failures in MDM PP V1.1 PP_MDM_V1.1, requirement FAU_GEN.1(1), Table 7 2015.02.03
TD0032   Update to FCS_SSH_EXT.1.2 PP_ND_V1.1, requirement FCS_SSH_EXT.1.2 2015.01.28
TD0031   ANSI X9.31 Reference in FCS_CKM.1(2) in VPN GW EP PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_V.1.1, requirement FCS_CKM.1(2) , PP_ND_V1.1 2015.01.12
TD0030   Separation of FIA_BLT_EXT.2 Elements PP_MD_V2.0, requirement FIA_BLT_EXT.2 2014.12.16
TD0029   Removal of Maximum Lifetime SA Test from FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.4 AA PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, requirement FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.4 2014.12.15
TD0028   MDFPP v2.0 FCS_ CKM_EXT.4 Memory Clear and Read-verify PP_MD_V2.0, requirement FCS_CKM_EXT.4 2014.12.15
TD0027   Removal of FPT_RPL.1 in WLAN AS PP PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, requirement FPT_RPL.1 2014.12.08
TD0026   Update to FPT_TUD_EXT.1 PP_ND_V1.1, requirement FPT_TUD_EXT.1 2014.11.26
TD0025   Update to FCS_COP.1(2) PP_APP_V1.1, requirement FCS_COP.1(2) 2014.11.26
TD0024   Application Settings Clarification for FMT_MEC_EXT.1 PP_APP_V1.1, requirement FMT_MEC_EXT.1 2014.11.26
TD0023   Update to FCS_CKM_EXT.4 in MDF PP v1.1 PP_MD_V1.1, requirement FCS_CKM_EXT.4; PP_MD_V2.0, requirement FCS_CKM_EXT.4 2014.11.20
TD0022   Removal of Image Verification Test for WLAN AS PP PP_WLAN_AS_V1.1, requirement FPT_TST_EXT.1; PP_ND_V1.1 2014.11.07
TD0021   Update to Limits on SA Lifetimes for IKE v1 and IKE v2 PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, requirement FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.4 2014.11.07
TD0020   Update of Requirements for IKE Authentication PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, requirements FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.8 & FIA_PSK_EXT.1 2014.11.07
TD0019   Testing Data Channel Modification for FTP_ITC.1 and FTP_TRP.1 PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_V1.1, PP_ND_V1.1 2014.10.30
TD0018   Removal of FPT_TST_EXT.1.2(2) PP_MDM_V1.1, requirement FPT_TST_EXT.1(2) 2014.10.06
TD0017   NDPP Audit Shutdown PP_ND_V1.1_Err2, requirement FAU_SEL.1 2014.09.29
TD0016   Application of TD0005 and ERRATA2 to WLANASPP for FPT_ITT, FTP_ITC, and FTP_TRP PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, PP_ND_V1.1-ERR2, TD0005 2014.09.18
TD0015   FPF_RUL_EXT.1.7 Clarification needed for IPv6 extension header numbers PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_V1.1, requirement FPF_RUL_EXT.1.7 2014.09.18
TD0014   Satisfying FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.13 in VPN GW EP PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_V1.1, PP_VPN_IPSEC_CLIENT_V1.4 2014.09.15
TD0013   AVA_VAN.1 in VPN GW EP PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_V1.1, PP_ND_TFFW_EP_V1.0 2014.09.15
TD0012   FCS_SSH_EXT.1 Conflict Resolution PP_ND_VPN_GW_EP_V1.1, PP_ND_V1.1, PP_ND_V1.1-ERR2 2014.09.09
TD0011   Clarification on FCS_SSH_EXT.1.4 PP_ND_V1.1, PP_ND_V1.1_Err2, requirement FCS_SSH_EXT.1.4 2014.08.27
TD0010   WLAN AS PP Flawed Statement of FAU_SEL.1 PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, requirement FAU_SEL.1 2014.08.25
TD0009   WLAN AS and NDPP Errata 2 PP_WLAN-AS_V1.0, PP_ND_V1.1_Err2, requirements FCS_SSH_EXT.1, FCS_TLS_EXT.1 2014.08.25
TD0008   SSH in MDM PP_MDM_V1.1, requirement FTP_TRP.1 2014.08.25
TD0007   FFW_RUL_EXT.10 Clarification EP_FW_V1.0, requirement FFW_RUL_EXT.10 2014.08.25
TD0005   FPT_ITT Test 3 Resolution 2014.06.18
TD0004   FCS_TLS_EXT Man-in-the-Middle Tests PP_ND_V1.1, FCS_TLS_EXT.1.1, NDPP Errata #2; PP_MD_V1.1, FCS_TLS_EXT.1, FCS_TLS_EXT.2 2014.05.28
TD0003   RSA Based Key Generation in MDFPP PP_MD_v1.1 2014.04.14
TD0002   FIA_PMG_EXT.1 Requirement in WLAN AS PP v1.0 PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, PP_ND_V1.1 2014.04.02
TD0001   AES-GCM-128 in NDPP Errata #2 PP_ND_v1.1, FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.4, NDPP Errata #2 2014.03.14

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