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The Archived Validated Products List is a repository of products validated under CCEVS which have expired Assurance Maintenance Dates as detailed in Publication #6. Per CNSSP #11, products listed below are no longer procurable for use on National Security Systems, but may continue to be used if already employed within your organization’s IT infrastructure. For further information, see Relationship of NIAP Archived Products to CNSSP-11

The products listed below must be considered in the context of the environment of use, including appropriate risk analysis and system accreditation requirements.  Customers must ensure that the products selected will provide the necessary security functionality for their architecture. 

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Product VID Conformance Claim CCTL Certification Date Scheme
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye CM, FX, EX, and NX Series Appliances
10641 · PP_ND_V1.1
Acumen Security 2015.08.26 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye CMS Series Hardware and Virtual Appliances: CM2500V, CM4500, CM7500, CM7500V, CM9500

Maintenance Updates
2019.08.15:  FireEye CM Series Appliances
10837 · CPP_ND_V1.0
Acumen Security 2018.01.30 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye EX Series Hardware and Virtual Appliances: EX3500, EX5500, EX8500

Maintenance Updates
2019.08.15:  FireEye EX Series Appliances
10834 · CPP_ND_V1.0
Acumen Security 2018.01.30 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye HX Appliances, Version 4.0
10892 · CPP_ND_V2.0E
Acumen Security 2018.07.31 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye HX Series Appliances
10675 · PP_ND_V1.1
Acumen Security 2016.02.01 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye MX Series Appliances
10674 · PP_ND_V1.1
Acumen Security 2016.01.21 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye NX Series Hardware and Virtual Appliances: NX1500, NX1500V, NX2500, NX2500V, NX2550, NX2550V, NX3500, NX4500, NX4500V, NX5500, NX6500V, NX10450

Maintenance Updates
2019.08.15:  FireEye NX Series Appliances
10836 · CPP_ND_V1.0
Acumen Security 2018.01.30 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye v.6.0
10458 · EAL 2+
Booz Allen Hamilton Common Criteria Testing Laboratory 2011.09.21 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye VX Series Hardware Appliances: VX12500, VX5500
10835 · CPP_ND_V1.0
Acumen Security 2018.01.19 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye xAgent
10697 · PP_APP_v1.1
Acumen Security 2016.07.08 USA
FireEye, Inc.
FireEye X-Agent 28
10957 · PP_APP_v1.2
Acumen Security 2019.07.29 USA

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