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Compliant Product - I/O Interconnect Secure KVM v1.0

Certificate Date:  2018.05.11

Validation Report Number:  CCEVS-VR-VID10878-2018

Product Type:    Peripheral Switch

Conformance Claim:  Protection Profile Compliant

PP Identifier:    Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch Version 3.0

CC Testing Lab:  UL Verification Services Inc. (Formerly InfoGard)

CC Certificate [PDF] Security Target [PDF] Validation Report [PDF]

Assurance Activity [PDF]

Administrative Guide [PDF]

Administrative Guide [PDF]

Product Description

The TOE is classified as a Peripheral Sharing Switch. The TOE allows a user to use a single set of peripherals (Keyboard, Mouse, CAC Reader, Speakers, and/or video devices) with multiple computers. The TOE allows the user to easily switch which computer the peripherals are connected to by pressing a button on the TOE. The TOE ensures the peripherals are only connected to a single computer at a time and prevents the computers from communicating with each other through the TOE. The TOE consists of a stand-alone KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switching unit or a KVM with a Desktop Control Unit (DCU). The DCU is a small device that provides channel switching buttons and selection channel indicators allowing the user to save even more desk space.

Evaluated Configuration

Security Evaluation Summary

The evaluation was carried out in accordance with the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) processes and procedures. Secure KVM v1.0 was evaluated against the criteria contained in the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, Version 3.1 Revision 4. The evaluation methodology used by the evaluation team to conduct the evaluation is the Common Methodology for Information Technology Security Evaluation, Version 3.1 Revision 4. The TOE, when installed and configured per the instructions provided in the preparative and administrative guidance, satisfies all of the security functional requirements stated in the I O INTERCONNECT Secure KVM Security Target. The evaluation underwent CCEVS Validator review. The evaluation was completed in May 2018.

Environmental Strengths

User Data Protection and Data Isolation

The TOE switches one peripheral group between two or four (depending on model) computer port groups. The TOE filters USB devices to ensure that only Human Interface Devices (HID) and CAC Readers are allowed. The TOE ensures the peripheral group is only connected to a single computer port group at a time and prevents the computer port groups from communicating with each other through the TOE. The TOE indicates which computer port group is selected using LEDs on the front of the KVM or DCU and only changes the selected computer port group when the user presses the button for a different channel.

Protection of the TSF

The TOE utilizes tamper labels and tamper switches to indicate and respond to the enclosure being opened. If the KVM or DCU enclosure is opened, the TOE overwrites a portion of its firmware to permanently disable the TOE.

The TOE runs a suite of self-tests to check the integrity of the hardware and firmware. The self-tests also check to see if one of the selector buttons is stuck. If any self-tests fail, the TOE enters a warning mode and will not connect the peripheral group to any computer group. 

TOE Access

When the TOE powers-up, it defaults to selecting computer group 1. The TOE also removes power from the CAC reader when the selected computer is changed to ensure the any authentication sessions are cleared.

Vendor Information

I O Interconnect, LTD
Karen Wang

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