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Compliant Product - Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) 4000 Family v3.13.2

Certificate Date:  2015.09.03

Product Type:    Network Device
   Virtual Private Network

Conformance Claim:  Protection Profile Compliant

PP Identifier:    Protection Profile for Network Devices Version 1.1
  Network Device Protection Profile (NDPP) Extended Package VPN Gateway Version 1.1

Validation Report [PDF] Security Target [PDF]

Product Description

The Cisco ISR 4000 Family Routers are a routing platform that provides connectivity and security services onto a single, secure device for mid-range enterprise space customers. The Cisco ISR 4000 Family Routers offers to 600Mbps of forwarding for 4351 model, 400Mbps of forwarding for 4331 model and 200Mpbs of forwarding for 4321 model. The Cisco ISR 4000 Family Routers provide services including on-board applications as well as extended Service Modules (SM-x), Network Interface modules (NIMs), and Internal Service Cards (ISCs).

In addition, the Cisco ISR 4000 Family Routers supports a single CPU system running the Cisco IOS-XE software, where the control and data plane are co-resident on a multi-core CPU, thus serving as a lower cost general purpose platform for routing and security designed to scale for mid-range next-generation service router products.

In support of the routing capabilities, the Cisco ISR 4000 Family Routers provides IPsec connection capabilities for VPN enabled clients connecting through the TOE.

Vendor Information

Cisco Systems, Inc.
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