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Assurance Continuity - Cisco Integrated Services Router 1100 (ISR-1100) Series

Date of Maintenance Completion:  2018.08.28

Product Type:    Virtual Private Network
   Network Device

Conformance Claim:  Protection Profile Compliant

PP Identifier:    collaborative Protection Profile for Network Devices Version 2.0 + Errata 20180314
  Extended Package for VPN Gateways Version 2.1

Original Evaluated TOE:  2018.05.23 - Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) 1100 Series, IOS-XE 16.6

CC Certificate [PDF] Validation Report [PDF] Assurance Activity [PDF]

Administrative Guide [PDF]

Please note:  The above files are for the Original Evaluated TOE.  Consequently, they do not refer to this maintained version, although they apply to the maintained version. 

Security Target [PDF] * Assurance Continuity Maintenance Report [PDF]

Please note:  This serves as an addendum to the VR for the Original Evaluated TOE. 

* This is the Security Target (ST) associated with this latest Maintenance Release.  To view previous STs for this TOE, click here.

Readers are reminded that the certification of this product (TOE) is the result of maintenance, rather than an actual re-evaluation of the product.  Maintenance only considers the affect of TOE changes on the assurance baseline (i.e. the original evaluated TOE); maintenance is not intended to provide assurance in regard to the resistance of the TOE to new vulnerabilities or attack methods discovered since the date of the initial certificate.  Such assurance can only be gained through re-evaluation. 

Using a security impact analysis of the changes made to the TOE, which was provided by the developer, the CCEVS has determined that the impact of changes on the TOE are considered minor and that independent evaluator analysis was not necessary.  A summary of the results can be found in the Maintenance Report, which is written in relation to the product's original validation report and Security Target.  Readers are therefore reminded to read the Security Target, Validation Report, and the Assurance Maintenance Report to fully understand the meaning of what a maintained certificate represents. 

Product Description

Changes to TOE

  • SHA-384 was included in the original evaluation but was not included in the ST due to an oversight. A correction was made to FCS_COP.1/Hash and its corresponding TSS section in the ST. The TOE leverages the IOS Common Criteria Module (IC2M) Rel5 and this implementation has been validated in the original evaluation as conforming to FIPS 180-4, Secure Hash Standard. The CAVP Cert # 4231 already lists SHA-384 as one of the capabilities of this implementation. This change is judged as minor as it does not have a security impact on the evaluated TOE as it is merely updating the evidence to correct an oversight.
  • Section of the ST - FTP_TRP.1.1/Admin has been updated to include IPsec as one of the two protocols to provide a communication path between the TOE and authorized remote administrators. This change has been made to make it consistent with the corresponding TSS section – “All remote administrative communications take place over a secure encrypted SSHv2 session which has the ability to be encrypted further using IPsec. The SSHv2 session is encrypted using AES encryption.  The remote users are able to initiate SSHv2 communications with the TOE.” This change is judged as minor as it corrects and oversight in the ST
  • Four CVEs were found during a recent search for known vulnerabilities. Two CVEs related to Denial of Service were patched by the vendor. The other two are related to the IOS Automatic Networking feature which cannot be deployed with the TOE.


Vendor Information

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Terrie Diaz
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