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NIAP Oversees Evaluations of Commercial IT Products for Use in National Security Systems
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Products in Evaluation:  6 Matches

The security products listed here are in various stages of NIAP evaluation.  There is no guarantee that any of these products will complete evaluation successfully

In order for a product to be placed on this list the product must currently be undergoing evaluation in the United States with a NIAP-approved Common Criteria Testing Laboratory (CCTL) and have completed an Evaluation Kick off Meeting (or equivalent) whereby CCEVS management has officially accepted the product into evaluation. CCEVS will only accept new products to be posted to this site through a NIAP-approved CCTL.  Contact your CCTL to submit evaluation acceptance paperwork to CCEVS through appropriate channels. Please be aware that information in entries listed below such as product or protection profile names, versions, etc. may change as the evaluation progresses; therefore, the viewer should always confirm the below entry information with the sponsor contact. Entries on this list will be removed when either a Common Criteria Certificate has been issued for the product, or the CCTL or vendor is no longer pursuing evaluation of the product under CCEVS procedures. 

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Product VID Conformance Claim CCTL Kickoff Date
Belkin International, Inc.
Belkin Secure KM models F1DN102K-3, F1DN104K-3, and F1DN108K-3
10984 · PP_PSS_V3.0 2019.05.03
Belkin International, Inc.
Belkin Secure KVM models F1DN102F-3, F1DN102N-3, F1DN102V-3, F1DN102H-3, F1DN104P-3, F1DN104W-3, F1DN104B-3, F1DN104C-3, F1DN104E-3, F1DN104F-3, F1DN104Q-3, F1DN108C-3, F1DN116C-3, and F1DN108F-3
10985 · PP_PSS_V3.0 2019.05.03
High Security Labs Inc
HSL Secure KM Models SM20N-3, SM40N-3, SM40NU-3, SM80N-3, SM80NU-3
10982 · PP_PSS_V3.0 2019.05.03
High Security Labs Inc
HSL Secure KVM Models SK21D-3, SK21P-3, SK21H-3, SX22D-3, SX22H-3, DK22H-3, DK22P-3, DK22D-3, DK22PD-3, SK41D-3, SK41DU-3, SK41P-3, SK41PU-3, SK41H-3, SK41HU-3, DK42D-3, DK42DU-3, DK42P-3, DK42PU-3, DK42H-3, DK42HU-3, SX42DU-3, SX42PU-3, SX42HU-3, SK81DU-3, DK82DU-3, and SK161DU-3
10983 · PP_PSS_V3.0 2019.05.03
Vertiv IT Systems
Vertiv Secure KM Models SCKM120, SCKM140, SCKM145, SCKM180 and SCKM185
10986 · PP_PSS_V3.0 2019.05.03
Vertiv IT Systems
Vertiv Secure KVM and Matrix models SC820, SC820D, SC820H, SCM120, SCM120H, SC920H, SC920D, SC920, SC920XD, SC840, SC845, SC945, SC940, SC840D, SC845D, SC940D, SC945D, SC840H, SC845H, SC940H, SC945H, SC945XD, SCM145, SCM145H, SC1045XD, SC885, SC985, and SC8165
10987 · PP_PSS_V3.0 2019.05.03
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