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Archived U.S. Government Approved Protection Profile - US Department of Defense Application-Level Firewall Protection Profile for Basic Robustness Environments, Version 1.0

Short Name: pp_fw_al_br_v1.0

Technology Type: Firewall

CC Version: 2.x

Date: 2000.06.22

Succeeded By: pp_fw_al_br_v1.1

Sunset Date: 2008.03.23 [Sunset Icon]

Conformance Claim: EAL2

Protection Profile [PDF]



Herewith a brief summary, sufficiently detailed to enable a potential user to determine whether the PP is of interest.

This Application Level Firewall Protection Profile defines the minimum-security requirements for firewalls used by U. S. Government organizations handling unclassified information in a low-risk environment. Firewalls may consist of one or more devices that act as part of an organization's overall security defense by isolating an organization's internal network from the Internet or other external networks. The Protection Profile defines the assumptions about the security aspects of the environment in which the firewall will be used, defines the threats that are to be addressed by the firewall, defines implementation-independent security objectives of the firewall and its environment, defines the functional and assurance requirements to meet those objectives, and provides a rationale demonstrating how the requirements meet the security objectives.


Because a PP is written to be implementation-independent, there may be some ambiguities that do not arise until a specific implementation is being evaluated against it. When this happens, a resolution is established through the Observation Decision (OD) process in the form of a Precedent Decision (PD), which is to be used consistently in subsequent evaluations involving the PP in question. The Precedent Decisions specifically associated with this PP are listed below:

This U.S. Government Approved Protection Profile is not assigned to any Validated Products

This U.S. Government Approved Protection Profile does not have any related Technical Decisions

Please forward any Protection Profile specific comments to the applicable Technical Rapid Response Team (TRRT).

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