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U.S. Government Approved Protection Profile - PP-Module for Bluetooth Version 1.0

Short Name: mod_bt_v1.0

Technology Type: Wireless PAN

CC Version: 3.1

Date: 2021.04.15

Conformance Claim: None

Protection Profile

Protection Profile [PDF]

Supporting Docs [PDF]

Supporting Docs

PP Configuration for MDF-BT_V1.0 [PDF]

PP Configuration for GPOS-BT_V1.0 [PDF]

Control Mapping [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-MDMA-VPNC-BT_V1.0  [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-MDMA-VPNC-BT_V1.1  [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-VPNC-BT_v1.0  [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-BT-WLANC_V1.0  [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-BIO-BT-WLANC_v1.0  [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-BIO-BT-MDMA-VPNC-WLANC_V1.0  [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-BT-VPNC-WLANC_V1.0  [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-BIO-BT-VPNC-WLANC_V1.0  [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-BT-VPNC-WLANC_V1.1  [PDF]

PP Configuration for MDF-BIO-BT-MDMA-WLANC_V1.0  [PDF]



The scope of the Bluetooth PP-Module is to describe the security functionality of Bluetooth technology in terms of [CC] and to define functional and assurance requirements for the Bluetooth capability of mobile devices and operating systems. Bluetooth is a communications standard for short-range wireless transmissions. Bluetooth is implemented in many commercial devices as a method for wirelessly connecting devices or accessories. This PP-Module is intended for use with the following Base-PPs:

  • General Purpose Operating System (GPOS) Protection Profile, Version 4.2.1 and Version 4.3
  • Mobile Device Fundamentals (MDF) Protection Profile, Version 3.2 and Version 3.3

Assigned to the following Validated Products

Active Related Technical Decisions

Please forward any Protection Profile specific comments to the applicable Technical Rapid Response Team (TRRT).

Please forward any general questions to our Q&A tool.

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