NIAP: CC Users Forum

The Common Criteria Users Forum (CCUF) mission is to provide a voice and communications channel amongst the CC community including the vendors, consultants, testing laboratories, Common Criteria organizational committees, national schemes, policy makers, and other interested parties.

In order to further the CCUF mission, our objectives are to improve and promote Common Criteria by seeking to:

  • Support and foster the goal of worldwide mutual recognition;
  • Promote focused technical working groups, to enable the creation of useful, realistic, internationally-recognized protection profiles;
  • Assure customers of evaluated products with meaningful evaluation results;
  • Encourage viable policies and processes for maintaining certification through product updates;
  • Encourage viable policies and processes for certifying systems that are composed of certified parts Minimize the time, effort, and cost required to complete evaluations which lead to appropriate levels of assurance.

The CCUF web page is located at: You can join the CCUF by registering on the CCUF Teamlab Portal.

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