Archived U.S. Government Approved Protection Profile - Protection Profile for Enterprise Security Management - Access Control Version 2

Short Name: pp_esm_ac_v2

Technology Type: Enterprise Security Management

CC Version: 3.1

Date: 22 February 2012

Succeeded By: pp_esm_ac_v2

Sunset Date: 14 November 2013 [Sunset Icon]

Conformance Claim: None



 This Protection Profile focuses on access control decision and enforcement. A product/product component[1] that conforms to this Protection Profile consumes a centrally-defined access control policy and enforces it. In doing so, it provides preventative security to the enterprise in a consistent manner. A product that conforms to this Protection Profile is expected to intercept requests against some type of defined resource (such as a file system object on a workstation or a web site on an organizational intranet) and determine if the request should be allowed. In an ESM environment, this capability is called a Policy Decision Point, or PDP. It will then enforce the results of this determination or pass the decision to a trusted entity that does the enforcement itself. In an ESM environment, this second capability is called a Policy Enforcement Point, or PEP. Products that are compliant with the profile defined in this document provide both Policy Decision and Policy Enforcement. Some ESM products only provide policy decision and defer enforcement to the operating environment; in such cases, the only way to evaluate such products against this Profile is to draw the TOE boundary such that the operational environment enforcement component is recategorized as a TOE component.

[1] Henceforth, just “product”.

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