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Archived TD0022:  Removal of Image Verification Test for WLAN AS PP

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Other References
PP_WLAN_AS_V1.1, requirement FPT_TST_EXT.1; PP_ND_V1.1

Issue Description

The WLAN PP requires image verification during start-up.  The latest version of the NDPP, which contains the same base requirements as the WLAN PP, does not contain this requirement.  Is there a reason why WLAN systems require this capability when other technologies do not?


The image verification requirement, represented by component FPT_TST_EXT.1.2 and the associated Assurance Activities, should be removed from FPT_TST_EXT.1.


The image verification requirement in the current WLAN AS PP was included based on an earlier version of the NDPP.  Because that requirement was removed in the current version of the NDPP, we've determined that there is no need to keep it in the WLAN AS PP.  It's inclusion/exclusion will be re-assessed when the WLAN AS PP is re-written as an EP.

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