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Archived TD0029:  Removal of Maximum Lifetime SA Test from FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.4 AA

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Other References
PP_WLAN_AS_V1.0, requirement FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.4

Issue Description

Test 4 in the Assurance Activities for FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.4 states that the evaluator  shall configure time-based maximum lifetime for an SA, establish the SA, and observe that the SA is closed or renegotiated in the established time.  It is possible for the maximum time-based lifetime for an SA to be on the order of days, which will require a lot of resources to test.


This test should be removed from the assurance activities of FCS_IPSEC_EXT.1.4 for this PP.


This test has been removed in the assurances activities for the updated IPSec requirements.

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